Sun-Glizide MR

Sun-Glizide MR



Taiwan Biotech


SS Health
Concise Prescribing Info
NIDDM (type 2).
Dosage/Direction for Use
1-4 tab as single daily dose.
Should be taken with food: Take preferably before breakfast. Swallow whole w/ ½ glass of water.
Hypersensitivity to gliclazide, other sulfonylureas, sulfonamides. Unstable &/or IDDM particularly juvenile diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic coma; stress conditions eg, serious infection, trauma or surgery in the presence of hepatic disease or renal impairment. Pregnancy & lactation.
Special Precautions
Periodic assessment of CV, ophth, renal & hepatic status. Loss of blood sugar control may occur in cases of intercurrent disease or in stressful situations. Hypoglycaemic reactions. Low-calorie diet, prolonged strenuous exercise, alcohol intake or administration of a combination of hypoglycaemic agents. Childn.
Adverse Reactions
Hypoglycaemia w/ signs of adrenergic counter-regulation. GI disturbances including  abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, diarrhoea & constipation; transient visual disturbances.
Drug Interactions
Increased hypoglycaemic effect leading to possible onset of coma w/ miconazole, phenylbutazone (systemic route), alcohol, other antidiabetic agents, β-blockers, fluconazole, ACE inhibitors, H2-antagonists, MAOIs, sulfonamides & NSAIDs. Diabetogenic effect of danazol. Increased blood glucose levels w/ chlorpromazine, ritodrine, salbutamol, terbutaline; possible ketosis w/ glucocorticoids & tetracosactrin. Potentiated effects of anticoagulants eg, warfarin.
MIMS Class
Antidiabetic Agents
ATC Classification
A10BB09 - gliclazide ; Belongs to the class of sulfonylureas. Used in the treatment of diabetes.
Sun-Glizide MR tab 30 mg
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