Ufur Contraindications

tegafur + uracil


TTY Biopharm


Full Prescribing Info
(This product is contraindicated to the following patients.)
Patients with severe hypersensitivity history to the ingredients of this product.
Patients in sorivudine therapy. (The concomitant use of a fluorouracil-group drug with the antiviral drug sorivudine to cause severe blood dyscrasia, which is fatal in some patients, has been reported.)
Careful administration (This product should be administered with caution in the following patients.)
Patients with bone marrow depression. (Aggravation of bone marrow depression may occur.)
Patients with hepatic dysfunction. (Exaggeration of adverse reactions may occur.)
Patients with renal dysfunction. (Exaggeration of adverse reactions may occur.)
Patients with infectious diseases. (Aggravation of infectious disease may occur as a result of potential bone marrow depression.)
Patients with varicella. (Fatal systemic disease may occur.)
Patients with gastric/duodenal symptoms. (Aggravation of symptoms may occur.)
Patients with glucose intolerance. (Glucose intolerance may be aggravated.)
Patients with heart disease or a history of heart disease.
Elderly patients.
Patients on other chemotherapy or radiotherapy (Diarrhea, bone marrow depression or other adverse reactions may be aggravated).
Patients previously treated with other chemotherapy.
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