Ufur Warnings

tegafur + uracil


TTY Biopharm


Full Prescribing Info
The concomitant use of a fluorouracil-group drug with the antiviral drug, sorivudine, has been reported to cause serious blood dyscrasis, which is fatal in some cases. Do not use any fluorouracil-group drug in combination with sorivudine.
Because there may occur severe liver dysfunction, such as fulminant hepatitis, patients' hepatic function should be monitored closely by regular laboratory examinations. If abnormalities are found, discontinue administration and take proper treatments immediately.
This drug should not be combined with Tegafur, Gimeracil and Oteracil potassium combination product because the concomitant administration with this combination product may cause adverse reactions such as serious blood dyscrasia.
Folinate plus Tegafur-Uracil combination therapy: This combination therapy is designed to enhance cytotoxicity of Tegafur-Uracil, and has been associated with fatal cases. This therapy should be performed by an experienced chemotherapist in a medical facility well equipped for emergencies.
This combination therapy may cause serious diarrhea, sometimes leading to fatal outcome. Patient should be closely monitored and, if symptoms of severe abdominal pain or diarrhea develop, immediately discontinue the chemotherapy and take proper measures. Dehydration should be managed with fluid replacement or other appropriate treatment.
This combination therapy may cause serious hepatic damage including fulminant hepatitis, or serious bone marrow depression, sometimes leading to fatal outcome. Hepatic and hematologic parameters of patients should be monitored on a regular basis (at least once a course, and additional tests prior to first and second courses) for early signs of such damages. Be alert for problem and complaints signaling hepatic damages such as malaise with accompanying anorexia. If jaundice or a yellow sclera appears, discontinue administration immediately and take proper measures.
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