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Concise Prescribing Info
Salbutamol sulfate
Tab/syr: Relief of all bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis & emphysema. Evohaler: Symptomatic relief & prevention of asthma. Respirator soln/nebules: Acute severe asthma (status asthmaticus) & routine management of chronic bronchospasm unresponsive to conventional therapy. Nebules: Management & prevention of asthma attack. Inj: Relief of severe bronchospasm associated w/ asthma or bronchitis & treatment of status asthmaticus. Management of uncomplicated premature labour in the last trimester of pregnancy.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Tab Adult 2-4 mg tds-qds, may be increased up to 8 mg. Childn >12 yr 2-4 mg tds-qds, 6-12 yr 2 mg tds-qds, 2-6 yr 1-2 mg tds-qds. Elderly or patient unusually sensitive to β-adrenergic stimulant drugs Initially 2 mg tds-qds. Syr Adult Initially 2 mg tds. Usual effective dose: 4 mg tds-qds, may be increased to max: 8 mg tds-qds. Childn >12 yr Initially 2 mg tds, may be increased to 4 mg tds-qds, 6-12 yr Initially 2 mg tds, may be increased to qds, 2-6 yr Initially 1 mg tds, may be increased to 2 mg tds-qds. Evohaler Relief of acute bronchospasm Adult 100-200 mcg. Childn 100 mcg, may be increased to 200 mcg. Prevention of allergen- or exercise-induced bronchospasm Adult 200 mcg before exertion. Childn 100 mcg before exertion, may be increased to 200 mcg. Chronic therapy Adult & childn Up to 200 mcg qds. Respirator soln Intermittent administration Adult 0.5-1 mL diluted to 2-2.5 mL nebulised over 10 min, or 2 mL undiluted soln nebulised over 3-5 min. Childn <12 yr 0.5 mL diluted to 2-2.5 mL nebulised over 10 min, may be increased up to 5 mg. Continuous administration Dilute soln to contain salbutamol 50-100 mcg/mL & nebulised at rate of 1-2 mg/hr. Nebules Adult & childn Initially 2.5 mg qds, may be increased up to 5 mg qds. Infusion Severe bronchospasm & status asthmaticus Adult 3-20 mcg/min. Patient w/ resp failure Initially 5 mcg/min. Prepare by diluting 5 mL of IV infusion in 500 mL of an infusion soln to provide 10 mcg/mL soln. Management of premature labor Initially 10 mcg/min, may increase rate at 10-min intervals until contractions diminished then slowly increase rate until contractions cease. Usual dose range: 10-45 mcg/min. Maintain 1 hr after contractions ceased, then gradually reduce by 50% at 6-hrly intervals.
Should be taken on an empty stomach.
Hypersensitivity. Non-IV formulations: Arrest uncomplicated premature labour or threatened abortion. Inj: Conditions eg, gestational age <22 wk; intrauterine foetal death, known lethal congenital or chromosomal malformation; any condition of the mother or foetus in which prolongation of pregnancy is hazardous; patients w/ pulmonary HTN, preexisting ischaemic heart disease or significant risk factors for ischaemic heart disease; threatened abortion during 1st & 2nd trimester.
Special Precautions
Asthma deterioration. Thyrotoxicosis. Acute severe asthma. Diabetic patients. Monitor serum K levels. Concomitant use w/ xanthine derivatives, steroids, diuretics, corticosteroids, non-selective β-blockers eg, propranolol; hypoxia. Pregnancy & lactation. Tab/syr: Underlying severe heart disease eg, ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmia, severe heart failure. Syr: Patients on controlled Na diet. Evohaler/respirator soln/nebules: Discontinue use if paradoxical bronchospasm occurs. Acute angle closure glaucoma in combination w/ ipratropium Br. Patients on large-dose sympathomimetics. Respirator soln/nebules/inj: Monitor for elevated serum lactate & metabolic acidosis development. Respirator soln/nebules: Not to be inj or swallowed. Avoid contact w/ eyes. Infants <18 mth. Inj: Discontinue use if signs of pulmonary oedema or myocardial ischemia develop. Tocolysis. Assess CV status w/ continuous ECG monitoring throughout therapy. Monitor pulse rate, BP changes, electrolytes, fluid balance, glucose & lactate levels, cardioresp function.
Adverse Reactions
Tremor, headache; tachycardia. Tab/syr/inj: Palpitations; muscle cramps.
Drug Interactions
Potentiated acute severe asthma by xanthine derivatives, steroids, diuretics & hypoxia. Ketoacidosis w/ corticosteroids. Non-selective β-blockers eg, propranolol. Respirator soln/nebules: Acute angle closure glaucoma w/ ipratropium Br. Respirator soln: Potentiated action on CV system w/ MAOIs or TCAs. Deleterious CV effects w/ other inhaled sympathomimetic bronchodilators or epinephrine. Antagonized action w/ β-blockers. ECG changes &/or hypokalemia w/ non-K-sparing diuretics. Decreased serum digoxin levels.
ATC Classification
R03AC02 - salbutamol ; Belongs to the class of adrenergic inhalants, selective beta-2-adrenoreceptor agonists. Used in the treatment of obstructive airway diseases.
R03CC02 - salbutamol ; Belongs to the class of adrenergics for systemic use, selective beta-2-adrenoreceptor agonists. Used in the treatment of obstructive airway diseases.
Ventolin tab 2 mg
Ventolin syr 2 mg/5 mL
120 mL x 1's
Ventolin infusion (amp) 5 mg/5 mL
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Ventolin evohaler 100 mcg
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Ventolin nebules 2.5 mg/2.5 mL
20 × 1's
Ventolin respirator soln 5 mg/mL
10 mL x 1's
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