Vignocaine Viscous

Vignocaine Viscous





Concise Prescribing Info
Lignocaine HCl
Introduction of instruments & catheters into resp & digestive tracts eg, bronchoscopy, oesophagoscopy; irritated or inflamed mouth & pharynx mucous membranes eg, lesions following tonsillectomy; painful upper GI tract diseases eg, oesophagitis.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult Stomach insertion of tubes & catheters Swallow 10-15 mL. Irritated or inflamed mouth mucous membranes Rinse 5-15 mL around in mouth then spat out. Dental practice 10 mL then spat out once adequate anesth has been achieved. Irritated or inflamed pharynx mucous membranes Gargle 5-10 mL then slowly swallow. Painful upper GI tract conditions Rapidly swallow 5-15 mL all at once.
Hypersensitivity to lignocaine or other local amide-type anaesth.
Special Precautions
Not suitable for patients w/ hypovolaemia, heart block or other conduction disturbances. CHF, bradycardia, resp depression; cardiac & circulatory failure; familial malignant hyperthermia. Traumatized mucosa in area of application due to potential for rapid systemic absorption. May impair swallowing & lead to danger of aspiration. May increase danger of biting trauma due to tongue or buccal mucosa numbness. Excessive dosage or short-dose interval may result in high plasma levels. May affect ability to drive & use machines. Hepatic & renal impairment. Pregnancy & lactation. Debilitated, acutely ill patients. Childn. Elderly.
Adverse Reactions
Drowsiness; cerebral ataxia; nervousness, lightheadedness, apprehension, euphoria, confusion, drowsiness, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred or double vision, vomiting; heat, cold or numbness sensations, twitching, tremors, convulsions, unconsciousness, resp depression & arrest; bradycardia, hypotension, CV collapse; allergic reactions.
Drug Interactions
Reduced clearance w/ propranolol, cimetidine. Additive cardiac depressant effects w/ β-blockers, antiarrhythmics. Additive cardiac effect w/ IV phenytoin. Increased dosage requirement w/ long-term phenytoin or other enzyme inducers. Antagonised effect w/ acetazolamide, loop diuretics, thiazides.
MIMS Class
Anaesthetics - Local & General
ATC Classification
N01BB02 - lidocaine ; Belongs to the class of amides. Used as local anesthetics.
Vignocaine Viscous oral soln 2% w/v
(orange flavour) 100 mL x 1's
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