Wellch Allyn Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000

Wellch Allyn Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000


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Why measure in the ear: Clinical studies have shown that the ear is an excellent site for measurement as temperatures taken in the ear reflect the body's core temperature.
Advantages of measuring the ear include ease of access and speed: Less invasive for the patient than oral, axillary or rectal temperature measurements.
No mucus membrane contact.
Staff can quickly capture measurements in the ear, even with challenging patient populations.
The Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer has the speed and simplicity the patient needs for accurate, reliable temperature readings.
Designed to improve staff productivity and patient satisfaction: Advanced Technology: Innovative PerfecTemp technology detects stability of the probe placement.
ExacTemp technology detects stability of the probe during measurement.
A pre-warmed sensor helps support accurate measurements.
Designed with plastics compatible with common compatible with common medical-grade cleaning products.
Enhance Clinical Workflow: Memory recall button displays last measurement taken.
60-second pulse timer assists with manual measurement of pulse rate and respirations.
C/F button for quick scale conversion of displayed reading.
Electronic and mechanical security features help prevent theft and loss.
Improve Patient Experience: Pre-warmed probe tip enhances patient comfort during reading.
Probe covers are soft-walled for added comfort, and disposable to help minimize risk of cross-contamination.
Temperature readings are quick and accurate - an ideal method for patients who are unable to cooperate during measurement.
PerfecTemp Technology - the Braun PRO 6000 advantage: PerfecTemp technology helps overcome challenges presented by ear canal anatomy and variability in probe placement. The thermometer collects information about the direction and depth of ear probe placement and automatically incorporates it into the temperature calculation. This helps support the accuracy of measurement as compared to core temperature, especially when probe positioning is not ideal.
PerfecTemp technology overcomes the potential for low readings, compared to core, by adjusting for factors that impact measurement accuracy.
Device options and accessories: Small Cradle (one-box) and Large Cradle (two-box): Two cradles offer storage of probe cover boxes, and pop up for easy probe cover attachment. The large cradle can be wall mounted for added security when used with an optional security tether.
Optional Charging Station: Has storage for 200 probe covers, includes Rechargeable Battery Pack and enables electronic security settings when used with Welch Allyn Service Tool Software.
Optional Security Tether: Keeps thermometer attached to the cradle, to minimize loss and theft.
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Advanced measurement technology that captures accurate, reliable temperature readings in a comfortable way for patients.
Dosage/Direction for Use
How does the Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer work: When the Braun PRO 6000 is placed in the ear, it continuously monitors the infrared energy emitted by the tympanic membrane and surrounding tissues, until a temperature equilibrium has been reached and an accurate measurement can be taken.
MIMS Class
Personal Care
Ear thermometer 1's.
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