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Concise Prescribing Info
Goserelin acetate
Management of prostate cancer, breast cancer in premenopausal & perimenopausal women suitable for hormonal manipulation; alleviates symptoms including pain, reduces size & number of endometrial lesions in management of endometriosis; endometrial prethinning prior to endometrial ablation or resection; in conjunction w/ Fe therapy in haematological improvement of anaemic patients w/ fibroids prior to surgery; pituitary downregulation in prep for superovulation.
Dosage/Direction for Use
1 depot SC inj into anterior abdominal wall every 28 days. Endometriosis Max: 6 mth. Endometrial thinning 4 or 8 wk of treatment. Anaemia due to uterine fibroids 1 depot inj w/ Fe supplements may be given for up to 3 mth pre-op. Assisted reproduction 1 depot SC inj.
Hypersensitivity. Pregnancy & lactation.
Special Precautions
Increased risk of incident depression; history of or risk factors for QT prolongation, osteoporosis. Men at risk of developing ureteric obstruction or spinal cord compression. Preexisting DM; known depression, HTN; MI, cardiac failure. Risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or w/ polycystic ovarian syndrome. Increased uterine cervical resistance. Monitor for signs or symptoms of abdominal haemorrhage. Patients w/ low BMI &/or receiving full anticoagulation medications. Chronic alcohol abusers, smokers. Long-term therapy w/ anticonvulsants or corticosteroids. Combination w/ anti-androgens; tamoxifen. Use non-hormonal contraceptive methods. Not to be used during pregnancy. Not recommended during lactation. Not to be used in childn.
Adverse Reactions
Decreased libido; hot flush; hyperhidrosis; acne, vulvovag dryness & breast enlargement, inj site reactions in women; erectile dysfunction in men. Mood changes, depression; paraesthesia; abnormal BP; rash; decreased bone density, increased wt; impaired glucose tolerance, spinal cord compression, cardiac failure, MI, bone pain, gynaecomastia, inj site reaction in men; headache, alopecia, arthralgia, tumour flare & pain in women.
Drug Interactions
Drugs known to prolong QT interval or induce Torsade de pointes eg, class IA or III antiarrhyhtmics, methadone, moxifloxacin, antipsychotics.
ATC Classification
L02AE03 - goserelin ; Belongs to the class of gonadotropin releasing hormone analogues. Used in endocrine therapy.
Zoladex depot inj 3.6 mg
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