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There are no symptoms of an acute parenteral over-dosage known. The adverse effects of corticosteroids are nearly always due to their use in excess of normal physiological requirements. They should be treated symptomatically, where the dosage should be reduced or the drug slowly withdrawn.
Note: Reconstitution For IV or IM Injection, reconstitute the vial by aseptically adding not more than 2ml water for injection.
Treatment of adverse effects: For gastrointestinal effects: Administration of antacids between meals may relieve indigestion or mild gastrointestinal irritation that may occur during parenteral therapy. However, the efficacy of antacids or other anti-ulcer medications in preventing severe gastrointestinal problems, such as ulceration, haemorrhage, and/or bowel perforation, during corticosteroid therapy has not been established.
Mental depression or psychoses: If possible, decrease corticosteroid dosage or discontinue therapy. Phenothiazines may be administered if necessary. Lithium has been recommended. Some patients may require electro-convulsive therapy if severe depression persist. Tricyclic antidepressants should not be used since they do not relieve, and may exacerbate, corticosteroid-induced mental disturbances.
For withdrawal effects (non-HPA axis suppression): Administration of aspirin or another NSAID may alleviate some of the symptoms of this condition.
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