Biogesic Cool Feel

Biogesic Cool Feel Mechanism of Action


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Full Prescribing Info
The soft cooling gel reduces body temperature and relieves the fever by absorbing the heat directly from the skin. It is gentle on the skin with a soft cooling sensation, can be used safely with no side effects.
Content and their action: Purified Water: Purified water helps to cool the body. Water creates a cooling sensation on the surface of the skin, and the heat of the skin causes the evaporation of water contained within, and as a result lowers temperature of the skin. Endothermic process in which absorbing heat when the sheet is applied to the skin, an evaporation process occurs that lowers the surface temperature of the skin.
Polymer: A highly water-absorbing polymer that absorbs and releases heat. The heat is absorbed via the skin by the sheet, and then is released into the air when the moisture evaporates. Polymer is the content which gives immediate cooling relief for fever. It has ability to absorb several hundred times its mass in water, and possesses a positive anionic charge, which attracts water-based molecules to combine with it, making it a super-absorbent compound.
Polyvinyl alcohol: Content which makes it sticky.
Glycerin: The material used which is not allergic to skin.
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