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Caution For Usage
Instructions for use/handling: For single use only.
Observe guidelines for handling cytotoxic drugs.
The following protective recommendations are given due to the toxic nature of this substance: Personnel should be trained in good technique for handling.
Pregnant staff should be excluded from working with this drug.
Personnel handling doxorubicin should wear protective clothing: goggles, gowns and disposable gloves and masks.
All items used for administration or cleaning, including gloves, should be placed in high risk waste disposal bags for high temperature (700°C) incineration.
Accidental contact with the skin or eyes should be treated immediately by copious lavage with water, or soap and water, or sodium bicarbonate solution: medical attention should be sought.
Spillage or leakage should be treated with dilute sodium hypochlorite (1% available chlorite) solution, preferably soaking overnight and then rinse with water.
All cleaning materials should be disposed of as indicated previously.
Recommended infusion solutions are Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion 0.9% w/v, Glucose Intravenous Infusion 5% w/v or Sodium Chloride and Glucose Intravenous Infusion (see Dosage & Administration).
Because of the various existing dosage schemes the use is only recommended under the direction of those experienced in cytotoxic therapy.
Incompatibilities: Contact with any solution of an alkaline pH should be avoided as it will result in hydrolysis of the drug.
Doxorubicin should not be mixed with heparin and 5-fluororuacil as a precipitate may form and it is not recommended that doxorubicin be mixed with other drugs.
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