Ezon-T Ointment

Ezon-T Ointment





R. Oasis
Full Prescribing Info
Each 100 g contains: Tolnaftate 1g (1% w/w).
Tolnaftate is fungicidal; exact mechanism is unknown; however, tolnaftate has been reported to distort the hyphae and to stunt mycelial growth in susceptible organisms.
Topical treatment of tinea capitis, tinea corporis (ringworm of the body), tinea cruris (ringworm of the groin, jock itch), tinea manuum, tinea pedis (ringworm of the foot; athlete's foot) caused by Trichophyton rubrum, T. mentagrophytes, T. tonsurans, Microsporum canis, M. audouini and Epidermophyton floccosum. Topical treatment of tinea versicolor (pityriasis versicolor, sun fungus) caused by Pityrosporon orbiculare (Malassezia furfur).
Dosage/Direction for Use
Apply to the skin, 2 times a day. Avoid contact with the eyes. Therapy for a period of 2-3 weeks is usually sufficient; however, treatment for 4-6 weeks may be necessary, especially if thickening of the skin has occurred. Treatment should be continued for 2 weeks after symptoms have disappeared. Tolnaftate may be used concurrently with an oral antifungal agent eg, griseofulvin, in the treatment of onychomycosis or chronic infections of the scalp, palms or skin.
Not recommended in infants and children up to 2 years except under the advice and supervision of a physician.
Special Precautions
Use in children: Use in children up to 2 years is not recommended except under the advice and supervision of a physician.
Use in the elderly: No information is available on the relationship of age to the effects of topical tolnaftate in geriatric patients.
Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Use in pregnancy: Problems in humans have not been documented.
Use in lactation: It is not known whether topical tolnaftate is distributed into breast milk. However, problems in humans have not been documented.
Adverse Reactions
Hypersensitivity (skin irritation not present before therapy).
Store at temperature not more than 30°C.
ATC Classification
D01AE18 - tolnaftate ; Belongs to the class of other antifungals for topical use.
Oint 1 g (1% w/w) x 10 g.
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