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R. Oasis
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For treatment of athlete's foot (vesicular of hyperkeratotic type) and ringworm.
Athlete's foot and ringworm are caused by pathogenic fungi on the corneum of skin, but there are some other skin diseases of which symptoms are very similar but that have no pathogenic organism whatsoever.
Ezon-T is not recommended for such diseases since it is the drug to cure the athlete's foot and ringworm. If no improvement is noted after continued treatment with Ezon-T or on the contrary, aggravation is developed, the diagnosis should be reviewed.
It has long been considered in the past that erosion localized in the scrotum or the face are caused by tricophytia. But they are today known to entirely different diseases. Consequently the use of Ezon-T is not well fitted to their treatment.
Athlete's foot of plantar of hyperkeratotic type or trichophyton infection of nails cannot be well treated with topical drug alone. In such cases, it is recommended to use antifungal preparations of oral administration according to the prescription of a physician.
In athlete's foot with ruptured vesicle or erosious lesion, pyogenic bacteria may cause red swelling or increased pain. Treatment by oral medication following physician's advice is necessary in case there are occurrences of severe pain, intense swelling of regions of lymph nodes.
To those who have had an experience of irritation due to any drug or cosmetics, the drug should first be applied to a small part of the affected area for a trial in order to determine if it is agreeable to their skin or not. If redness develops or itching and/or vesicles increases at the site of application, the use of drug should be discontinued.
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