Konimag Mechanism of Action


PT Konimex


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Konimag acts rapidly in raising the pH of the gastric contents by reducing the concentration of acid in the gastric juice. The balance formula of Konimag results in a product virtually free of constipative or laxative effects. Magnesium trisilicate reacts with the acid gastric content to neutralize the acid and forms hydrated silica gel which protects ulcerated mucosal surfaces and favors healing. Aluminium hydroxide raises gastric pH more slowly than calcium or magnesium antacids. Dimethylpolysiloxane is a physiologically inert, nonsystemic defoaming agent that works by altering the elasticity of interfaces of mucus-embedded bubbles in the gastrointestinal tract. The change in the surface tension of the small bubbles enables them to be broken up and then coalesce. This gaseous form is more easily eliminated from the gastrointestinal tract.
Pharmacokinetics: Aluminium hydroxide slowly reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form soluble aluminium chloride, some of which is absorbed. Absorbed aluminium is eliminated in the urine. Magnesium trisilicate reacts slowly with hydrochloric acid in the gastric secretion to form magnesium chloride and silicon dioxide and is primarily excreted in the faeces as insoluble and soluble magnesium salts. Small amounts of the derivatives may be absorbed and eliminated in the urine.
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