latanoprost + timolol






Mega Lifesciences
Concise Prescribing Info
Per mL Latanoprost 50 mcg, timolol 5 mg
To reduce pressure in the eye in open-angle glaucoma or ocular HTN.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult including elderly 1 drop once daily in the affected eye(s). Wait at least 5 min when used w/ other eye drops.
Allergy to latanoprost, timolol, or β-blockers. Patient w/ or history of resp problems eg, asthma, severe chronic obstructive bronchitis; serious heart problems or heart rhythm disorders. Pregnancy & lactation.
Special Precautions
Severe allergic reactions. Patient w/ or history of CHD, heart failure, low BP; disturbances of heart rate; breathing problems, asthma or COPD; poor blood circulation disease eg, Raynaud's disease or syndrome; diabetes; overactivity of the thyroid gland; any kind of eye surgery (including cataract surgery); eye problems eg, eye pain, irritation, inflammation or blurred vision; dry eyes; angina (particularly Prinzmetal’s angina); viral infection of the eye caused by HSV. May change effects of some medicines used during anaesth. May discolour soft contact lenses. Avoid contact w/ soft lenses. Remove contact lenses prior to application & wait at least 15 min before reinsertion. Do not drive or use tools or machines until vision becomes clear again. Not recommended for use in patient <18 yr.
Adverse Reactions
Gradual change in eye colour. Eye irritation & pain.
Drug Interactions
Prostaglandins, prostaglandin analogues or derivates; β-blockers; epinephrine; drugs to treat high BP eg, oral Ca channel blockers, guanethidine, antiarrhythmics, digitalis glycosides or parasympathomimetics; quinidine; antidepressants eg, fluoxetine & paroxetine.
MIMS Class
Antiglaucoma Preparations
ATC Classification
S01ED51 - timolol, combinations ; Belongs to the class of beta blocking agents. Used in the treatment of glaucoma.
Latamolol eye drops
2.5 mL x 1's
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