Lydia Postpartum T Cu 380 A

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Dosage/Direction for Use
Timing Of IUCD Insertion: The usual timings are: Immediate Postpartum: Postplacental: Insertion within 10 minutes after expulsion of the placenta following a vaginal delivery on the same delivery table.
lntracesarean: Insertion that takes place during a cesarean delivery, after removal of the placenta and before closure of the uterine incision.
Within 48 hours after delivery: Insertion within 48 hours of delivery and prior to discharge from the postpartum ward.
Postabortion: Insertion following an abortion, if there is no infection, bleeding or any other contra-indications.
Extended Postpartum/Interval: Insertion any time after 6 weeks postpartum.
Types of Insertion [PPIUD]: Postplacental: Postplacental insertion of the IUCD is done immediately following delivery of the placenta, typically within 10 minutes.
The woman is not yet shifted from the delivery table. The insertion takes place immediately following active management of third stage labor and the delivery of the placenta.
lntracesarean: The IUCD is introduced through the uterine incision during a cesarean section and placed at the uterine fundus. This is done manually or using a regular ring forceps, since it is not necessary to use a long instrument to reach the fundus. After the placenta is removed, the provider inserts the IUCD, and then closes the uterine incision. It is important NOT to attempt to pass the strings of the IUCD through the cervical os before closure of the uterus as this will displace the IUCD and leave it lower down in the uterine cavity. There is no need to fix the IUCD with a ligature.
Immediate postpartum: The IUCD is inserted within 48 hours following the birth of the baby. The trained provider can insert the IUCD in a procedure or examination room in the postpartum ward even with a regular ring forceps.
Extended postpartum/Interval IUCD: Women who return for postpartum care at six weeks or later, can receive the IUCD. The technique of insertion and the related precautions are the same as for regular IUCD insertion.
Duration of Use: 10 yrs.
When is it inserted: Post-partum.
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