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Dosage/Direction for Use
Always use this medicine exactly as the doctor (or the doctor treating the child) has told. Check with the doctor (or the doctor treating the child) or pharmacist if the patient is not sure.
The usual dosage for adults (including the elderly) and children is one drop once a day in the affected eye(s). The best time to do this is in the evening.
Do not use PROSDROP more than once a day, because the effectiveness of the treatment can be reduced if the patient administers it more often.
Use PROSDROP as instructed by the doctor or the doctor treating the child until told to stop.
Contact lens wearers: If the patient or the child wears contact lenses, they should be removed before using PROSDROP. After using PROSDROP the patient should wait 15 minutes before putting the contact lenses back into the eyes.
Instructions for use: Follow the steps as follows to help the patient use PROSDROP properly: 1. Wash the hands and sit or stand comfortably.
2. Before opening the bottle for the first time, make sure the cap is intact.
3. Open the bottle by turning the cap to the left.
4. Tilt the head back and gently pull down the lower eyelid to form a pouch between the eye and eyelid.
5. Hold the bottle upside down and gently press with the thumb and forefinger in the middle of the bottle until one drop falls into the pouch, as indicated by the doctor. Do not let the eye or eyelid touch the dropper. Then compress the tear duct for about 1 minute (by pressing a finger against the corner of the eye by the nose) and close the eye(s) and keep it/them closed during this time. This ensures that the drop is absorbed by the eye and that the amount of medicine draining through the tear duct to the nose will probably be reduced.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 in the other eye if the doctor has told the patient to do this.
7. Twist the cap back onto the bottle. Do not overtighten the cap.
If the patient uses PROSDROP with other eye drops: Wait at least 5 minutes between using PROSDROP and taking other eye drops.
If the patient uses more PROSDROP than they should: If the patient puts too many drops into the eye, it may lead to some minor irritation in the eye and the eyes may water and turn red. This should pass, but if the patient is worried contact the doctor or the doctor treating the child for advice.
Contact the doctor as soon as possible if the patient or the child swallows PROSDROP accidentally.
If the patient forgets to use PROSDROP: Carry on with the usual dosage at the usual time. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.
If the patient stops using PROSDROP: The patient should speak to the doctor (or the doctor treating the child) if they want to stop using PROSDROP.
If the patient has any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask the doctor (or the doctor treating the child) or pharmacist.
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