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Each tablet contains either 25 mg or 50 mg of topiramate.
Topiramate is designated chemically as 2,3:4,5-bis-O-(1-methylethylidene)-ß-D-fructopyranose sulfamate.
The empirical formula is C12H21NO8S. The molecular weight is 339.36.
Topiramate is a white crystalline powder having a bitter taste. Topiramate is most soluble in alkaline solutions containing sodium hydroxide or sodium phosphate and having a pH of 9 to 10. It is freely soluble in acetone, chloroform, dimethylsulfoxide and ethanol. The solubility in water is 9.8 mg/mL. Its saturated solution has a pH of 6.3.
Excipients/Inactive Ingredients: Lactose Monohydrate, EP, Pregelatinized Starch, EP, Carnauba Wax, EP, Magnesium Stearate, EP, Microcrystalline Cellulose, EP, OPADRY White, Yellow, Pink1, Sodium Starch Glycolate, EP.
1OPADRY coatings contain hypromellose, titanium dioxide, polyethylene glycol, and polysorbate 80. Yellow and Pink coatings also contain varying amounts of synthetic iron oxides.
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