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Adriblastina RD Use In Pregnancy & Lactation





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Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
(See also Pharmacology: Toxicology: Preclinical Safety Data under Actions).
Impairment of Fertility: In women, doxorubicin may cause infertility during the time of drug administration. Doxorubicin may cause amenorrhea. Ovulation and menstruation appear to return after termination of therapy, although premature menopause can occur.
In men, doxorubicin is mutagenic and can induce chromosomal damage in human spermatozoa. Oligospermia or azoospermia may be permanent; however, sperm counts have been reported to return to normospermic levels in some instances. This may occur several years after the end of therapy. Men undergoing doxorubicin treatment should use effective contraceptive methods.
Pregnancy: The embryotoxic potential of doxorubicin was confirmed in vitro and in vivo. When given to female rats before and during mating, pregnancy, and lactation, doxorubicin was toxic to both dams and fetuses.
Doxorubicin has been implicated in causing fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. If a woman receives doxorubicin during pregnancy or becomes pregnant while taking the drug, she should be apprised of the potential hazard to the fetus.
Nursing Mothers: Doxorubicin is excreted in breast milk (see Pharmacology: Pharmacokinetics under Actions). Women should not breastfeed while undergoing treatment with doxorubicin.
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