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amphotericin b


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Caution For Usage
Direction for Reconstitution: Ampholip should be mixed with 5% dextrose injection and administered as a 1 mg/mL infusion mixture. However, pediatric patients and patients with cardiovascular disease could administer Ampholip as a 2 mg/mL infusion mixture after diluting with 5% dextrose injection.
Preparation of Infusion Mixture:
1. Shake the vial gently and withdraw the required dose of amphotericin B from the vials into ≥1 syringes of suitable capacity (≤20 mL) using 18 gauge needle.
2. Remove the needle from each syringe filled with Ampholip and replace with 5u filter needle supplied with each vial pack.
3. Insert the filter needle of the syringe into an IV bag containing 5% dextrose injection and empty the content of the syringe into the bag.
4. Shake the bag until the contents are thoroughly mixed.
Do not use infusion mixture if there is any evidence of foreign matter.
The infusion is best administered by means of an infusion pump.
Aseptic technique must be strictly observed throughout handling of Ampholip, since no preservative or bacteriostatic agent is present in Ampholip.
Ampholip vials are for single use and hence, any unused material should be discarded.
Do not dilute with sodium chloride injection (saline) or mix with over drugs or electrolytes.
Do not use an on-line microbial filter during administration of Ampholip mixture (1 mg/mL), the contents of the bag should be mixed by shaking the infusion bag every 2 hrs.
It is not advisable to store the diluted Ampholip infusion mixture.
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