Cervarix Drug Interactions

vaccine, human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 (recombinant)




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Drug Interactions
Use with other vaccines: Cervarix can be given concomitantly with any of the following vaccines: reduced antigen diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccine (dTpa), inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) and the combined dTpa-IPV vaccine; hepatitis A (inactivated) vaccine (HepA), hepatitis B (rDNA) vaccine (HepB) and the combined HepA-HepB vaccine.
Administration of Cervarix at the same time as Twinrix (combined HepA-HepB vaccine) has shown no clinically relevant interference in the antibody response to the HPV and hepatitis A antigens. Anti-HBs geometric mean antibody titers were lower on co-administration, but the clinical significance of this observation is not known since the seroprotection rates remain unaffected. The proportion of subjects reaching anti-HBs ≥10 mIU/mL was 98.3% for concomitant vaccination and 100% for Twinrix alone.
If Cervarix is to be given at the same time as another injectable vaccine, the vaccines should always be administered at different injection sites.
Use with hormonal contraceptive: In clinical efficacy studies, approximately 60% of women who received Cervarix used hormonal contraceptives. There is no evidence that the use of hormonal contraceptives has an impact on the efficacy of Cervarix.
Use with systemic immunosuppressive medications: As with other vaccines, it may be expected that in patients receiving immunosuppressive treatment, an adequate response may not be elicited.
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