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CM-Glucan: CM-Glucan in Cherifer PGM Immunomax belongs to a family of β-glucans. Beta-glucan, derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a baker's yeast, is a very potent stimulator of the immune system. Its conventional formulation, however, has low solubility that makes it difficult to be absorbed in the digestive tract.
Cherifer PGM Immunomax capsule contains glucan that has undergone carboxymethylation - a patented Swiss technology exclusive to Immunomax - that produces CM-Glucan, an advanced water-soluble molecule, which can be readily absorbed and used by the body. As a result, CM-Glucan has a better ability than low-solubility glucans to bind with the glucan receptors in the white blood cells (WBC), and to stimulate the proliferation of macrophages, neutrophils, eosinophils, and natural killer cells.
CM-Glucan triggers increased phagocytosis, the process by which WBC engulf and destroy invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. By enhancing phagocytosis, CM-Glucan also sets off the entire immune system cascade of B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes and the complement system.
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF): Cherifer PGM Immunomax contains the growth-promoting and cell-nourishing substance, CGF, which is rich in nucleic acids and essential amino acids needed for the stimulation of growth, tissue repair and healing. Through its enzymatic properties, CGF promotes growth by acting on cells of the human body that are in stage of vigorous proliferation. CGF comes from the nucleus of chlorella, of which this is the physiologically active substance of the plant as well.
Zinc: Cherifer PGM Immunomax is fortified with 100% recommended energy and nutrient intakes (RENI) of zinc, an important element that supports faster growth rate and development during adolescence. Studies have shown that the requirements for growth increase in teenagers result in zinc deficiency, which can impair normal development. This mineral influences the proper growth of cells that allows teenagers to reach their maximum height potential.
Zinc in Cherifer PGM Immunomax also helps in proper sexual maturation, preparing adolescents for a healthy adulthood. In addition, the presence of zinc stabilizes brain cells to decrease their susceptibility to oxidative damage that can impair normal functions. This maximizes teenagers' mental ability to meet the demands of school and participate fully in their learning process.
Taurine: Cherifer PGM Immunomax contains taurine - the most abundant free amino acid present in muscles - which is necessary to be in sufficient body reserve to respond to rapid growth rate and rapidly expanding muscle mass.
Taurine is also essential for proper brain development, having structural and functional roles in stabilizing neural membranes. It also effectively helps in maintaining retinal functions.
The Right Amount and Balance of Essential Nutrients for Better Metabolism and Stronger Resistance to Infection: Cherifer PGM Immunomax capsule supplies the right amount of nutrients to meet the maximum RENI of teens. Essential vitamins help increase the adolescent's resistance to infections, while minerals are vital for proper bone and mental development and normal blood functions.
Studies have shown that, after very strenuous physical exertion, generally healthy teens frequently suffer from influenza or pneumonia because of the activity's depressive effect on their immune system. The same immunosuppression is observed in people under emotional stress. Cherifer PGM Immunomax helps shorten the duration and decrease the severity of said conditions, as well as common colds, asthma episodes and upper respiratory tract infections, besides countering the negative effects of stress.
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