Cixtor-Z Mechanism of Action




Full Prescribing Info
This nutritional supplement contains Vitamin C and Zinc.
Vitamin C and Zinc together help the body's natural defense against damaging free radicals (antioxidant effect) and boost immune function. Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable chemicals generated during normal body activities that require oxygen (e.g., respiration, digestion, blood circulation, immune system response, increased physical activity, etc.) and after exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke and various pollutants. One major effect of zinc is on the abillty of cells to properly replicate their DNA, which is required for cells to multiply. Hence, zinc is needed for normal growth, cell renewal and cell repair. Vitamin C and Zinc also function as cofactors of enzymes involved in collagen formation and synthesis. Collagen provides strength and elasticity to the skin and helps promote faster wound healing.
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