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Drug Interactions
Taking Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) with drugs that induce hepatic enzyme activity (e.g., carbamazepine, griseofulvin, modafinil, nelfinavir, nevirapine, oxcarbazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, primidone, ritonavir, St. John's Wort, topiramate, rifabutin and rifampicin) may reduce the contraceptive efficacy. Women taking a short course of an enzyme-inducing drug should have contraceptive precaution while taking oral contraceptive pill and for four weeks after completing the medication. If patient is required to take a long-term course of an enzyme-inducing drug, using another contraceptive measure is encouraged.
Taking Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) with aprepitant and bosentan can result to a possible contraceptive failure.
Taking Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) with amprenavir, sitaxentan, atorvastatin and tacrolimus may increase the incidence of side effects.
Taking Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) with rufinamide can decrease the contraceptive efficacy.
Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) may enhance or reduce anticoagulant effect of coumarins, can increase clearance of some analgesics (e.g. paracetamol and morphine), can antagonize hypoglycemic effect of antidiabetics, and can antagonize anticoagulant effect of phenindione.
Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) can increase the plasma concentration of ciclosporin, selegiline, and possibly tizanidine and increasing the risk of toxicity.
Lynestrenol (DAPHNE) can reduce the plasma concentration of lamotrigine.
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