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Concise Prescribing Info
Per mL Dexamethasone 1 mg, neomycin sulfate 3.5 mg, polymyxin B sulfate 6,000 IU
Short-term treatment of steroid responsive conditions of the eye when prophylactic antibiotic treatment is also required, after excluding fungal & viral disease. Infections of the external ear canal caused by susceptible organisms; mastoidectomy cavity infections or chronic suppurative otitis media.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult, childn & elderly Apply 1-2 drops to each affected eye 6 times daily or more if required.
Hypersensitivity. Epithelial herpes simplex keratitis; vaccinia, varicella, or other corneal & conjunctival viral infection (except herpes zoster keratitis); fungal diseases of ocular structures; mycobacterial ocular infections.
Special Precautions
Not for inj or ingestion. Prolonged use may cause overgrowth of nonsusceptible bacterial strains or fungi. Sensitivity to topically-applied aminoglycosides; cross-sensitivity to other aminoglycosides may occur. Discontinue use if signs of serious reactions or hypersensitivity & infection occur. Consult physician if ocular pain, redness, swelling or irritation worsens or persists. Nephrotoxic & neurotoxic reactions may occur. Concomitant use w/ systemic aminoglycoside or polymyxin B therapy. Prolonged use of ophth steroids; check IOP routinely & frequently. Perforations may occur.  Perform frequent slit lamp exam. Use of contact lenses is not recommended. Contains benzalkonium Cl. Not recommended during pregnancy. Lactation. Childn.
Adverse Reactions
Keratitis, increased IOP, eye irritation & pruritus, ocular discomfort.
Drug Interactions
Additive toxicity w/ concomitant &/or sequential use of aminoglycoside (neomycin) & other systemic, oral or topical drugs w/ neurotoxic, ototoxic or nephrotoxic effects;  administer at least 5 min apart.
ATC Classification
S01CA01 - dexamethasone and antiinfectives ; Belongs to the class of corticosteroids in combination with antiinfectives. Used in the treatment of eye diseases.
Dexatrol ophth susp
5 mL x 1's
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