Dulcolax Tablet

Dulcolax Tablet





Sanofi Pasteur
Concise Prescribing Info
Constipation. Prep of diagnostic procedures, in pre- & post-op treatment & in conditions requiring defecation to be facilitated.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Constipation Adult & childn >10 yr 1-2 tab daily at night. Childn 4-10 yr 1 tab daily at night. Prep for diagnostic procedures, pre- & post-op treatment & conditions requiring defecation Adult 2-4 tab the night before, then 1 adult supp in the morning of exam. Childn ≥4 yr 1 tab the night before, then 1 ped supp on the following morning.
Should be taken on an empty stomach: Do not take w/in 1 hr of antacids, milk or other dairy products. Swallow whole w/ an adequate amount of fluid.
Hypersensitivity. Ileus, intestinal obstruction, acute abdominal conditions including appendicitis, acute inflammatory bowel diseases & severe abdominal pain associated w/ nausea & vomiting; severe dehydration. Galactose/fructose intolerance, galactosaemia.
Special Precautions
Not to be taken on a continuous daily basis or for extended periods w/o investigating the cause of constipation. Prolonged excessive use may lead to fluid & electrolyte imbalance & hypokalaemia. Discontinue use & restart only under medical supervision in patients suffering from fluid loss where dehydration may be harmful. Does not help w/ wt loss. Haematochezia. Dizziness &/or syncope. If patients experience abdominal spasm, avoid potentially hazardous tasks eg, driving or operating machinery. Renal insufficiency. Pregnancy. Childn. Elderly.
Adverse Reactions
Abdominal pain & diarrhoea. Anaphylactic reactions, angioedema, hypersensitivity; dehydration; dizziness, syncope; abdominal cramps, nausea, haematochezia, vomiting, abdominal & anorectal discomfort, colitis eg, ischaemic colitis.
Drug Interactions
Increased risk of electrolyte imbalance w/ (in excessive doses) diuretics & adrenocorticoids. Electrolyte imbalance may increase sensitivity to cardiac glycosides. May enhance GI side effects w/ other laxatives.
ATC Classification
A06AB02 - bisacodyl ; Belongs to the class of contact laxatives.
Dulcolax Tablet EC tab 5 mg
120's (P2,110/box)
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