Engerix-B Drug Interactions

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Drug Interactions
The simultaneous administration of Engerix-B and a standard dose of HBIg does not result in lower anti-HBs antibody titres provided that they are administered at separate injection sites.
Engerix-B can be given concomitantly with DTP, DT and/or polio vaccines, if this fits conveniently in an immunisation scheme recommended by the country Health Authority.
Engerix-B can be administered together with measles-mumps-rubella vaccines, Haemophilus influenzae b vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine and BCG.
Engerix-B can be given concomitantly with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (Cervarix).
Administration of Engerix-B at the same time as Cervarix has shown no clinically relevant interference in the antibody response to the HPV antigens. Anti-HBs geometric mean antibody concentrations were lower on co-administration, but the clinical significance of this observation is not known since the seroprotection rates remain unaffected. The proportion of subjects reaching anti-HBs ≥10 mIU/ml was 97.9% for concomitant vaccination and 100% for Engerix-B alone.
Different injectable vaccines should always be administered at different injection sites.
Interchangeability of hepatitis B vaccines: Engerix-B may be used to complete a primary immunisation course started either with plasma-derived or with other genetically-engineered hepatitis B vaccines, or as a booster dose in subjects who have previously received a primary immunisation course with plasma-derived or with other genetically-engineered hepatitis B vaccines.
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