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Caution For Usage
How to use and clean the FLO CRS Kit: 1. First time use. Thoroughly wash the bottle, tube and cap with warm soapy water. Rinse all components with clean tap water and dry using a clean paper towel.
2. Fill the bottle to the FILL LINE using lukewarm pre-boiled water. NOTE: Water must be boiled for at least 1 minute before cooling until lukewarm. If more convenient, boiled water may be stored in a clean container in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. The patient can re-heat the water in the FLO wash bottle using a microwave oven in 5 second bursts until it is lukewarm.
3. Cut or tear open one sachet of FLO CRS powder. Using the guidelines, fold out the sachet into a funnel shape and pour the entire contents into the FLO bottle.
4. Screw the cap and tube firmly onto the bottle and gently shake until all the powder has dissolved.
The mixture is now ready for use.
5. Standing over a basin, bend forward and tilt the head down so that the chin almost touches the chest. Insert the tip of the cap gently into one nostril. Whilst breathing through the mouth, steadily and gently squeeze the bottle until the solution drains from the opposite nostril or from the mouth. Try not to swallow the solution. No harmful effects will occur if the patient do this. Whenever the bottle needs to refill with air, remove it from the nose before releasing the hand pressure. This helps to prevent "suck back" and contamination of the remaining solution. Repeat these steps until half the solution has been used (HALF FILL LINE on the bottle), then repeat the procedure on the opposite nostril.
6. Gently blow the nose to clear any remaining fluid and mucus. Note: If the patient recently had nasal or sinus surgery, do not blow the nose before checking with the surgeon if this is permitted.
7. Discard any solution remaining in the bottle. Always make a fresh solution for each treatment.
8. Clean all components thoroughly using FLO Cleaning Solution (sold separately and available from any local pharmacy). This removes bacterial biofilms (a slime in which bacteria live) and the bacteria living within them. It also removes mucus and other forms of soiling from all the surfaces of the wash bottle and helps to keep the FLO kit clean. Alternatively, wash all components using warm soapy water and a bottle brush. NOTE: Warm soapy water may not remove all bacterial biofilms. Dry all components thoroughly using a clean paper towel and store the FLO kit in the refrigerator until next needed.
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