Fosavance Dosage/Direction for Use

alendronic acid + colecalciferol


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Dosage/Direction for Use
ALENDRONATE SODIUM + CHOLECALCIFEROL (FOSAVANCE) must be taken at least one-half hour before the first food, beverage, or medication of the day with plain water only. Other beverages (including mineral water), food, and some medications are likely to reduce the absorption of alendronate (see INTERACTIONS).
To facilitate delivery to the stomach and thus reduce the potential for esophageal irritation, ALENDRONATE SODIUM + CHOLECALCIFEROL (FOSAVANCE) should only be swallowed upon arising for the day with a full glass of water and patients should not lie down for at least 30 minutes and until after their first food of the day. ALENDRONATE SODIUM + CHOLECALCIFEROL (FOSAVANCE) should not be taken at bedtime or before arising for the day. Failure to follow these instructions may increase the risk of esophageal adverse experiences (see PRECAUTIONS).
The recommended dosage is one 70 mg/2800 IU or one 70 mg/5600 IU tablet once weekly. For most osteoporotic patients the appropriate dose is 70 mg/5600 IU once weekly. The optimal duration of use has not been determined. All patients on bisphosphonate therapy should have the need for continued therapy reevaluated on a periodic basis (see Clinical Studies under SIDE EFFECTS).
Patients should receive supplemental calcium and/or vitamin D, if intake is inadequate (see PRECAUTIONS). Physicians should consider the vitamin D intake from vitamins and dietary supplements. ALENDRONATE SODIUM + CHOLECALCIFEROL (FOSAVANCE) 70 mg/2800 IU and 70 mg/5600 IU are intended to provide seven days' worth of 400 and 800 IU daily vitamin D in a single, once-weekly dose, respectively.
No dosage adjustment is necessary for the elderly or for patients with mild-to-moderate renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance 35 to 60 mL/min). ALENDRONATE SODIUM + CHOLECALCIFEROL (FOSAVANCE) is not recommended for patients with more severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance <35 mL/min) due to lack of experience.
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