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Adverse Reactions
Adverse effects reported in clinical studies and from post marketing survey are listed followings: CNS: Somnolence (23%); headache (14%); hostility (12%); fatigue, nervousness (10%); dizziness (9%); personality disorder (8%); agitation, emotional lability, irritability (6%); depression, mood swings, vertigo (5%); ataxia, seizures (3%); amnesia, anxiety, confusion, hypersomnia, increased reflexes, insomnia, irritability, paresthesia (2%); suicidal behavior.
Dermatologic: Pruritus, skin discoloration, vesiculobullous rash (2%); alopecia.
ENT: Nasopharyngitis (14%); rhinitis (13%); pharyngitis (10%); conjunctivitis (3%); amblyopia, diplopia, ear pain (2%).
GI: Vomiting (15%); anorexia (13%); diarrhea (8%); gastroenteritis (4%); constipation (3%); pancreatitis.
Genitourinary: Albuminuria (4%); urine abnormality (2%).
Hematologic-Lymphatic: Ecchymosis (4%); leukopenia, neutropenia, pancytopenia, thrombocytopenia.
Hepatic: Hepatic failure, hepatitis.
Metabolic-Nutritional: Dehydration (2%); weight loss.
Musculoskeletal: Neck pain (8%).
Respiratory: Increased cough (11%); asthma, sinusitis (2%).
Miscellaneous: Accidental injury (17%); asthenia (15%); infection (13%); pain (7%); influenza (5%); flu syndrome (3%); face edema, viral infection (2%).
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