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Pharmacology: Noradrenaline, a sympathomimetic amine, acts predominantly on α- and β-receptors in the heart. It therefore causes peripheral vasoconstriction (α-adrenergic action), and a positive inotropic effect on the heart and dilation of coronary arteries (β-adrenergic action). These actions result in an increase in systemic blood pressure and coronary artery blood flow. In myocardial infarction accompanied by hypotension, noradrenaline usually increases aortic blood pressure, coronary artery blood flow, and myocardial oxygenation, thereby helping to limit the area of myocardial ischemia and infarction. Venous return is increased and the heart tends to resume a more normal rate and rhythm than in the hypotensive state. In hypotension that persists after correction of blood volume deficits, noradrenaline helps raise the blood pressure to an optimal level and establish a more adequate circulation.
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