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Adverse Reactions
Body as a whole: Fatigue, pain, leg pain, fall, pallor, malaise, inflicted injury, accidental injury, aggravated condition, hernia inguinal, hernia, congenital hernia, rigors, temperature change sensation, hypothermia, influenza-like symptoms, infection (bacterial, fungal), abrasion, cyst.
Cardiovascular: Hypertension, hypotension, postural hypotension, bradycardia, syncope, cardiac failure, angina pectoris, edema, peripheral edema, thrombophlebitis, atrial fibrillation, cardiac arrest, venous thrombosis/thromboembolism, hot flushes, pulse weak, cardiomegaly, ECG abnormal, heart disorder, heart murmur, aortic stenosis, arrhythmia (atrial and ventricular), bundle branch block, extrasystoles, heart block, palpitation; QT prolonged, rhythm & rate disturbance e.g., QTc prolongation, ischemic event, sudden death (e.g., myocardial infarction, tachycardia); aortic valve incompetence, coronary artery disorder, heart valve disorders, mitral insufficiency, transient ischemic attack, peripheral ischemia, thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, varicose vein, arteriosclerosis.
Nervous system: Dizziness, vertigo, headache, confusion, amnesia, insomnia, sleep disorder, somnolence, hallucination, agitation, nervousness, aggressive reaction, delusion, personality disorder, emotional lability, abnormal gait, depression, anxiety, psychosis, apathy, paranoid reaction, abnormal thinking, abnormal crying, paroniria, delirium, depersonalization, impaired concentration, excitation/mania, cerebrovascular accident, cerebral hemorrhage, ataxia, paresthesia, convulsions, extrapyramidal disorder, tardive dyskinesia, involuntary muscle contractions, hypertonia, tremor, hyporeflexia, paralysis, sensory disturbance, speech disorder, aphasia, hypoesthesia, abnormal coordination, abnormal reflexes, hemiplegia, hyperkinesia, hypokinesia, stupor, neuralgia, ischial neuralgia, ptosis, neuropathy, neurosis, suicide attempt, apraxia, cognitive disorders, convulsions, coma, encephalopathy, dementia, Alzheimer's disease.
Gastrointestinal: Dry mouth, toothache, tooth caries, tooth disorder, gingivitis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, GI hemorrhage, esophageal ulceration, gastroesophageal reflux, esophagitis, dysphagia, eructation, flatulence, gastritis, GI neoplasm benign, ulcerative stomatitis, pancreatitis, constipation, change in bowel habits, colitis, diverliculosis, hemorrhage rectum, hemorrhoids, ileus, increased stool frequency, fecal incontinence, melena.
Hematologic: Anemia, leukopenia, basal cell and squamous carcinoma, malignant lymphoma, epistaxis, hematoma, hemorrhage, purpura, leukocytosis, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) increased, polycythemia, sepsis.
Respiratory: Coughing, dyspnea, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, apnea, asthma, hemoptysis, rhinitis, pulmonary embolism, asthma, atelectasis, bronchospasm, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, laryngitis, pharyngitis, pulmonary edema, respiratory disorder, respiratory insufficiency, sinusitis.
Musculoskeletal: Back pain, arthralgia, arthritis, arthrosis, bone disorder, bursitis, muscle weakness, myalgia, skeletal pain, involuntary muscle contractions, carpal tunnel syndrome.
Endocrine/Metabolic: Increased alkaline phosphatase, decreased weight, anorexia, appetite increased, dehydration, hypernatremia, hyponatremia, aggravated diabetes mellitus, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, osteoporosis, increased/decreased libido, impotence, antidiuretic hormone disorder, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) increased, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) increased, gout, hypercholesterolemia, hyperkalemia, hypokalemia, hyperlipemia, hyperuricemia, non-protein nitrogen (NPN) increased, polydipsia.
Hepatic: Bilirubinemia, gamma-GT increased, hepatic enzymes increased, hepatic function abnormal, aspartate aminotransferase (AST) increased, alanine aminotransferase (ALT) increased.
Reproductive/Urogenital: Urinary incontinence, urinary tract infection, frequent micturition, dysuria, polyuria, pyuria, renal calculus, renal cyst, abnormal renal function, hematuria, urinary retention, cystitis, benign and malignant breast neoplasm, moniliasis, vaginal hemorrhage.
Skin and appendages: Rash, skin ulceration, pruritus, cellulitis, eczema, dermatitis, erythematous rash, alopecia, urticaria, abscess, herpes zoster, bullous eruption, dermatitis, hyperkeratosis, melanosis, onychomycosis, skin disorder, dry skin, skin exfoliation, skin reaction isolated, sweating increased, allergic reaction.
Special Senses: Cataract, conjunctivitis, macula lutea degeneration, decreased visual acuity, blepharitis, blurred vision, corneal opacity, glaucoma, conjunctival hemorrhage, eye pain, ectropion, retinal hemorrhage, xerophthalmia, diplopia, abnormal lacrimation, myopia, xerophthalmia, retinal detachment, decreased hearing, tinnitus, earache, ear disorder, otitis externa, taste perversion.
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