Full Prescribing Info
Methylergometrine maleate.
Each tablet contains: Methylergometrine maleate 125 mcg.
Each inj contains: Methylergometrine maleate 200 mcg/mL.
Methylergometrine maleate is a drug that has action on the uterus similar to that of ergometrine maleate and is used similarly in the prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage.
Pharmacology: Pharmacokinetics: Methylergometrine maleate is reportedly to be rapidly absorbed after administration by mouth and intramuscular injection. Elimination is rapid and appears to be by hepatic and renal routes. The absorption and fate of Methylergometrine maleate had been studied following oral administration in healthy subjects and in postpartum women. Small amounts of Methylergometrine have been detected in breast milk.
Methylergometrine maleate is used for the prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage. Routine management after delivery of the placenta, postpartum atony, hemorrhage, uterine subinvolution. Used after caesarian and hemorrhage after abortion.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Tablet: Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage: 125 mcg three times a day for 3 days.
Injection: Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage: 200 mcg IM repeated if necessary at intervals of 2-4 hours. In emergency 200 mcg slow IV injection over at least 60 second.
Special Precautions
Methylergometrine maleate should not be used for the induction of labor or during the first stage of labor. Its use should also be avoided in patients with eclampsia.
Adverse Reactions
Adverse effects include nausea and vomiting. Hypertension also occurs after intravenous administration.
Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.
ATC Classification
G02AB01 - methylergometrine ; Belongs to the class of ergot alkaloids. Used to induce abortion or augment labour and to minimize blood loss from the placental site.
Tab 125 mcg x 100's. Inj (amp) 200 mcg/mL x 10's.
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