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Special Precautions
Oral contraceptives should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease or renal impairment and conditions influenced by fluid retention.
Missed Period: If bleeding fails to occur, start with another packet on the 8th day after the last pill in the preceding course.
If menstrual cycle did not occur for 2 consecutive months, consult a physician to rule out pregnancy or any abnormality.
Bleeding Between Periods: If menses occurred while the pack is not yet finished, continue taking the pills. Take 2 tablets every evening until bleeding stops. For the remaining days when patient will lack pills, the pills from another packet or a second method of birth control (eg, condom, foam) should be used and another packet started on the 8th day after the last day of the cycle. In case of spotting which seldom lasts more than a few days, patient should continue taking 1 tablet every evening.
Continuous Use: Long-term studies have shown that contraceptive pills are quite safe even when taken for a number of years. However, a physician should still be consulted for further information eg, increased risks of having certain diseases with familial history.
Carcinogenicity: Among the millions of women taking pills, there have been no report of an increased incidence of any form of cancer. In a survey conducted by Rice-Wray on 2,040 women over 22,948 cycle, there was no evidence of genital cancer in any of them. Nevertheless, it is wise to have an annual medical check-up by a physician.
Use in pregnancy: If pregnancy is desired after some months or years, simply stop taking the pills. Micropil has excellent reversibility and does not affect fertility. Fertility is resumed 1-2 months after Micropil is stopped.
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