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Pharmacology: Mechanism of Action: Omexac-20: Suppresses gastric acid secretion by inhibiting the parietal cell H+/K ATP pump.
Omexac-40: Omeprazole, a racemic mixture of two enantiomers reduces gastric acid secretion through a highly targeted mechanism of action. It is a specific inhibitor of the acid pump in the parietal cell. It is rapidly acting and provides control through reversible inhibition of gastric acid secretion with once daily dosing.
Omeprazole is a weak base and is concentrated and converted to the active form in the highly acidic environment of the intracellular canaliculi within the parietal cell, where it inhibits the enzyme H+,K+-ATPase - the acid pump. This effect on the final step of the gastric acid formation process is dose dependent and provides for highly effective inhibition of both basal acid secretion and stimulated acid secretion, irrespective of stimulus.
Pharmacokinetics: Omexac-20: Onset of anti-secretory action: Oral within 1 hour.
Peak effects: 2 hour.
Duration: 72 hour.
Protein binding: 95%.
Metabolism: Extensive in the liver.
Half-life: 0.5-1 hour.
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