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Concise Prescribing Info
Dosage/Direction for Use
Management of intercritical gout & chronic tophaceous gout Adult Initially 100 mg/day for 2 wk after the pain & swelling of acute gouty arthritis have subsided. Titrate dose by 50-100 mg/day every 2-4 wk to achieve serum uric acid <6 mg/dL (0.36 mmol/L). Max: 300 mg/day. Management of leukemia, lymphoma & solid tumor malignancies Adult 600-800 mg/day for 2-3 days. Management of recurrent Ca oxalate renal calculi Initially 200-300 mg/day as single or in divided doses.
Should be taken with food.
Special Precautions
Monitor hypersensitivity syndrome, severe hypersensitivity & skin & SC reactions. Not for the treatment of asymptomatic hyperuricemia. Do not initiate treatment until an acute attack of gout has completely subsided. Patients on diuretics or ACE inhibitors. Xanthine deposition, impaction of uric acid renal stones, drowsiness; renal & hepatic insufficiency. Use should be restricted to childn w/ hyperuricemia secondary to neoplastic disease, cancer chemotherapy or genetic disorders of purine metabolism. Pregnancy. Elderly.
Adverse Reactions
Dermatologic & sensitivity (eg, Stevens-Johnson syndrome & toxic epidermal necrolysis), CV, neurologic, GI, endocrine/metabolic, hematologic, hepatic, renal/reproductive, resp & musculoskeletal reactions; effects on special senses & body as a whole.
Drug Interactions
Increased frequency of skin rash w/ ampicillin/amoxicillin. May prolong the elimination t½ of anticoagulants (eg, warfarin & other coumarin derivatives); increase plasma conc of ciclosporin; inhibit the oxidative metabolism of azathioprine & mercaptopurine, hepatic oxidation of phenytoin & metabolism of theophylline. Risk of hypersensitivity reactions eg, Stevens-Johnson syndrome w/ ACE inhibitors eg, captopril. Enhanced hypoglycemic effect w/ chlorpropramide (when renal function is poor). Enhanced bone marrow suppression w/ cyclophosphamide & other cytotoxic agents. Increased risk of hypersensitivity w/ thiazides & related diuretics especially in patients w/ renal impairment. Doubled plasma didanosine Cmax & AUC values (w/ allopurinol 300 mg daily). Excretion may be accelerated by drugs w/ uricosuric activity eg, probenecid or large doses of salicylate. Increased plasma t½ of vidarabine.
ATC Classification
M04AA01 - allopurinol ; Belongs to the class of preparations inhibiting uric acid production. Used in the treatment of gout.
Purinase tab 300 mg
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Purinase tab 100 mg
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