Strumazol Mechanism of Action





Full Prescribing Info
Pharmacologic Category: Sulfur containing imidazole derivative.
Strumazol reduces synthesis of the thyroid hormones by inhibiting the incorporation of iodide in the thyroglobulins of the thyroid gland.
Pharmacokinetics: Strumazol is well absorbed. Maximum plasma concentrations are reached 1-2 hrs after oral administration.
After taking Strumazol 30 mg, a peak value of approximately 0.5 mcg/mL is obtained. The plasma t½ is 2-6 hrs and this is unchanged in hyperthyroidism. Strumazol is concentrated in the thyroid gland immediately after absorption. The Cmax in the thyroid gland is reached after 1 hr. The concentration in the thyroid gland varies from 1-10 mmol depending on the dose and the time after administration. The t½ in the thyroid gland is more prolonged and important than the plasma t½. After 20 hrs, the concentration in the thyroid gland is still almost the same as that after 6 hrs. The incorporation of iodide is inhibited for 24 hrs by taking 10-30 mg Strumazol. This means that Strumazol can usually be given once a day.
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