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Each 5 mL of syrup contains pure taurine 50 mg.
Each mL of infant drops contains pure taurine 50 mg, an amount comparable to that found in 1 L of human breast milk.
Taurine is a nonprotein amino acid. It is the principal free intracellular amino acid in many tissues. Taurine is present in high amounts in the brain, retina, myocardium, skeletal and smooth muscle, platelets and neutrophils. It is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid because it is necessary to be supplied in the diet of infants for normal retinal and brain development.
Taurine is involved in the pre- and post-natal development of the central nervous system and visual system. It also has antioxidant and membrane stabilizing activities. It also plays an essential role in the proper coordination of mental, visual and motor skills of active children. Absence of taurine in the diet does not produce immediate deficiency but, in long term, can cause problems.
Taurex supplements the Taurine needs of growing infants and active children. Taurex in a sweet-tasting grape flavor is 100% child friendly.
Pharmacokinetics: Following ingestion, Taurine is absorbed from the small intestine via the β-amino acid or Taurine transport system. Taurine is transported to the liver via the portal circulation, where much of it forms conjugates with bile acids. Taurine that is not conjugated in the liver is distributed via the systemic circulation to various tissues in the body. Taurine that reaches the kidneys are not completely reabsorbed and some fraction of the ingested taurine is excreted via the urine.
Health food supplement to promote psychomotor development among infants and toddlers. To improve mental functioning and enhance memory of children. The child's partner in learning.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Syrup: Children 7-12 years: 5-10 mL (1-2 tsp); 2-6 years: 5 mL (1 tsp). All doses to be taken once a day.
Oral Drops: Infants up to 2 years: 1 mL once a day. Taurex drops may be mixed with milk, fruit juices or other liquids, cereals or other foods.
Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate.
ATC Classification
A16AA - Amino acids and derivatives ; Used in treatment of alimentary tract and metabolism problems.
Syrup 50 mg/5 mL (grape-flavored) x 120 mL, 240 mL. Oral drops 50 mg/mL (grape-flavored) x 30 mL.
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