Concise Prescribing Info
Per 2 g/250 mg inj Piperacillin Na 2 g, tazobactam Na 250 mg. Per 4 g/500 mg inj Piperacillin Na 4 g, tazobactam Na 500 mg
Moderate to severe infections caused by piperacillin-resistant, piperacillin/tazobactam-susceptible, β-lactamase producing strains of E. coli or the following members of the Bacteroides fragilis group: B. fragilis, B. ovatus, B. thetaiotaomicron, or B. vulgatus in appendicitis (complicated by rupture or abscess) & peritonitis; Staph aureus in uncomplicated & complicated skin & skin structure infections, including cellulitis, cutaneous abscesses & ischemic/diabetic foot infections; E. coli in postpartum endometritis or pelvic inflammatory disease; H. influenzae in community-acquired pneumonia (moderate severity only); Staph aureus in nosocomial pneumonia (moderate to severe).
Dosage/Direction for Use
IV over 30 min. CrCl >40-90 mL/min 12 g/1.5 g/day in divided doses every 6 hr, 20-40 mL/min 8 g/1 g/day in divided doses every 6 hr, <20 mL/min 6 g/750 mg/day in divided doses every 8 hr. Hemodialysis Max: 2 g/250 mg every 8 hr followed by 750 mg piperacillin & tazobactam Na each dialysis period.
History of allergic reactions to any of the penicillins, cephalosporins or β-lactamase inhibitors.
Special Precautions
Serious anaphylactic reactions. Discontinue therapy if bleeding manifestation occurs. Neuromuscular excitability or convulsions (high doses). Patients requiring restricted salt intake. Perform periodic electrolyte determinations in patients w/ low K reserves. Hypokalemia in patients who have potentially low K reserves & are receiving cytotoxic therapy or diuretics. Renal insufficiency. Lactation. Childn.
Adverse Reactions
Hypotension, ileus, syncope; rigors, back pain, malaise; CV effects; tremor, convulsions, vertigo; GI effects; pseudomembranous colitis; tinnitus; anaphylaxis; symptomatic hypoglycemia, thirst; myalgia, arthralgia; mesenteric embolism, purpura, epistaxis, pulmonary embolism; confusion, hallucination, depression; leucorrhea, vaginitis; balanoposthitis; pharyngitis, pulmonary edema, bronchospasm, coughing; genital pruritus, diaphoresis; taste perversion; urinary retention, dysuria, oliguria, hematuria, incontinence; photophobia; flushing; hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice; hemolytic anemia.
Drug Interactions
Substantial inactivation of aminoglycosides. Prolonged t½ w/ probenecid. May affect blood coagulation system or thrombocyte function w/ heparin or oral anticoagulants. Prolonged neuromuscular blockade of vecuronium.
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
J01CR05 - piperacillin and beta-lactamase inhibitor ; Belongs to the class of penicillin combinations, including beta-lactamase inhibitors. Used in the systemic treatment of infections.
Tazopen 2 g/250 mg powd for inj
(+ 10 mL diluent ) 1's
Tazopen 4 g/500 mg powd for inj
(+ 2 vial 10 mL diluent) 1's
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