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Concise Prescribing Info
Mometasone furoate
Relief of inflammation (eg, swelling, redness) & itch caused by skin conditions eg, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis & contact dermatitis.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Rub a thin layer to affected areas once daily. Duration of use: Not longer than 5 days in face; not longer than 7 days in adult & not longer than 5 days in childn.
Hypersensitivity to mometasone & other corticosteroids. Rosacea, acne vulgaris, skin atrophy, dermatitis around the mouth; skin manifestations relating to TB, syphilis or post-vaccine reactions; ulcerated skin or wounds, perianal or genital itching, diaper rash or napkin eruptions, lesions of any viral infections (cold sores, chickenpox, shingles, herpes, warts), parasitic or fungal skin infection (thrush, tinea or ringworm), bacterial infection (impetigo, pyodermas), itching w/o inflammation, other skin infections. Childn <2 yr.
Special Precautions
Avoid contact w/ eyes, eyelids or skin near the eyes because of risk of corticosteroid-induced glaucoma & increased fluid pressure in the eye especially w/ prolonged use. Do not use on the face, underarms or groin area. Do not cover the treated area w/ occlusive dressings or bandage. Do not use on the diaper area. Discontinue if infection occurs. Can delay healing of lesions. Evaluate periodically for evidence of HPA axis suppression if applied on large areas of the body, on intertriginous areas; thin skin areas, broken skin or conditions w/ impaired skin barrier, or if used w/ occlusive dressing. Possibility of adrenal suppression & other side effects particularly w/ infants & childn. Carefully monitor patients w/ psoriasis as pustular psoriasis may occur during therapy. Contains propylene glycol which may cause skin irritation. Cream contains stearyl alcohol which may cause local skin reactions. Avoid sudden discontinuation to prevent the development of rebound phenomenon. Discontinue if undesirable effects (eg, skin irritation, thinning or softening) occur; condition worsens or does not improve w/in 5 days in childn & 7 days in adults. Patients w/ inflammatory skin diseases associated w/ impaired circulation; chronic leg ulcers; patient using other corticosteroids or other medicines for skin; kidney or liver problems. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Burning sensation, pruritus (itching) & skin atrophy or skin thinning.
Drug Interactions
Other corticosteroid-containing products. May inhibit the metabolism w/ CYP3A4 inhibitors eg, ritonavir, itraconazole. May alter efficacy, safety & stability w/ other topical products.
MIMS Class
Topical Corticosteroids
ATC Classification
D07AC13 - mometasone ; Belongs to the class of potent (group III) corticosteroids. Used in the treatment of dermatological diseases.
United Home Dermatec cream 1 mg/g (0.1%)
5 g x 1's (P270/box)
United Home Dermatec oint 1 mg/g (0.1%)
5 g x 1's (P270/box)
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