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Full Prescribing Info
Each gram ointment contains: Sulfur 100 mg (10%).
This medicine contains sulfur, a keratolytic agent (substance that softens and loosens crusts and scales on the skin) and scabicide (agent that destroys the itch mite that causes scabies). Topical sulfur also has mild antibacterial and antifungal activity.
For the treatment of acne (pimples) and scabies (galis-aso).
Dosage/Direction for Use
For Acne: Wash affected areas with a mild cleanser and water; apply a thin layer of sulfur ointment to pimple areas 1 to 3 times a day, or as directed by a doctor; avoid applying to normal skin to prevent excessive dryness; wash hands after each application.
For Scabies: Take a thorough bath before each application and 24 hours after the last treatment; apply sulfur ointment and gently massage on all skin areas from the neck to the toes (including soles of the feet). Leave on for 24 hours after application. Repeat for 2 to 3 consecutive days, or as directed by a doctor.
To prevent the spread of scabies, everyone in the household or group, whether itching or not, should be treated at the same time.
All clothing and bedding used by a patient with scabies should be washed (using hot water) to avoid reinfestation or transmission of scabies.
Missed Dose: Just apply the missed dose if still needed for the particular condition being treated and then continue with the regular dosing schedule as directed.
Do not double the dose.
Signs and Symptoms of Overdosage: When used as recommended, an overdose of topical sulfur is unlikely to occur.
If the patient has used more than the recommended dosage, or in case of accidental swallowing, seek medical help.
Allergic to sulfur or any ingredient in the product.
In children younger than 2 years old.
For external use on the skin only.
Avoid contact with the eyes, mouth and other mucous membranes.
If the ointment comes in contact with the eyes, rinse out promptly and thoroughly with water.
Do not use for self-medication on extensive areas of broken skin.
Consult the doctor if: the patient is using other medicines on the skin; symptoms persist or condition worsens; undesirable effects are experienced.
If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult the doctor before use.
Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult the doctor before use.
Adverse Reactions
In general, topical sulfur is well tolerated when used as directed. Undesirable effects are most likely to occur when sulfur is applied to broken skin and/or for a longer period of time. The following undesirable effects have been observed after using topical sulfur: Local irritation of the skin, eyes or respiratory tract; Skin inflammation (which may severe); Clogging of pores producing blackheads and whiteheads; Rare cases of allergic reactions; Systemic toxicity and several deaths after topical use of sulfur 10% ointment for 3 days in babies with scabies; Sulfur stains clothing, bedding, and metal (e.g., silver and copper), including jewelry.
Drug Interactions
To prevent excessive dryness and skin irritation, sulfur products should not be used with other topical acne medications, unless directed by a doctor.
Keep container tightly closed.
Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.
Protect from light.
MIMS Class
Topical Antifungals & Antiparasites
ATC Classification
D10AB02 - sulfur ; Belongs to the class of sulfur-containing topical preparations used in the treatment of acne.
Oint 100 mg/g (yellow, non-gritty, homogeneous ointment with a characteristic wax odor with a touch of sulfur) x 15 g, 30 g.
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