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Sanofi Pasteur


Concise Prescribing Info
Inactivated purified rabies vaccine prepared on vero cell line
Pre- & post-exposure rabies prevention in childn & adults.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Pre-exposure 0.5 mL via IM on D0, D7, D28, booster after 1 yr then booster every 5 yr. 0.1 mL via intradermal on D0, D7 & D21 or D28. Post-exposure In subjects unvaccinated against rabies 5 x 0.5 mL via IM on D0, D3, D7, D14 & D28. Non-immunized individuals 0.1 mL via intradermal at 2 sites on D0, D3, D7, & D28. Fully immunized individuals 0.1 mL via intradermal on D0, D3. This does not apply to immunocompromised patients.
Pre-exposure: Hypersensitivity. Fever or acute disease.
Special Precautions
Hypersensitivity to polymyxin B, streptomycin or to neomycin (present in trace amounts in the vaccine). Do not inj by intravascular route. Regularly perform serological tests. Perform serological test 2-4 wk after vaccination in immunodeficient patients. Thrombocytopenia or clotting disorders. May affect ability to drive or use machines.
Adverse Reactions
Increase lymph nodes size (adenopathy, lymphadenopathy); allergic skin reaction as skin rash w/ itching (urticaria, pruritus), swelling (oedema); allergic reaction w/ resp disorders (dyspnoea, angioedema); anaphylactic reaction, serum sickness-like reaction; headache (cephalalgia), dizziness, somnolence; abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting; muscular pain (myalgia), joint pain (arthralgia); inj site pain, erythema (redness) & induration, haematoma, swelling (oedema) & itching (pruritus); fever (hyperthermia), shivering, malaise, flu-like syndrome; convulsions, encephalopathy; sudden hearing decrease or loss; fatigue (asthenia). Resp pauses during 2-3 days after vaccination in infants born very prematurely (at or before 28 wk of gestation).
Drug Interactions
Corticosteroids & immunosuppressives may interfere w/ Ab production. Do not combine rabies Ig & vaccine in the same syringe or administer at the same site. Do not mix w/ other medicinal products or other vaccines.
ATC Classification
J07BG01 - rabies, inactivated, whole virus ; Belongs to the class of rabies viral vaccines.
Verorab vaccine (inj) 0.5 mL
(vial + syringe (diluent)) 1 mL x 1's
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