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Dosage/Direction for Use
In all cases dosage should be adjusted to individual patient requirements.
The starting dose of AA Pharma Nifedipine is one 10 mg capsule, swallowed whole, 3 times/day. The usual effective dose range is 10-20 mg three times daily. Some patients, especially those with evidence of coronary artery spasm, respond only to higher doses, more frequent administration, or both. In such patients, doses of 20-30 mg three or four times daily may be effective. A maximum daily dose of 120 mg may be used.
In general there should be an interval of at least three days between increases in dose in order to adequately assess the response to a particular dose level. In hospitalized patients under close observation the titration phase may proceed more rapidly.
Nifedipine should be administered cautiously to elderly patients and the dosage should be carefully and gradually adjusted depending on patient tolerance and response. (See Precautions.)
AA Pharma Nifedipine 5 mg capsules provide for greater flexibility of dose titration, e.g. in elderly patients.
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