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Special Precautions
Because AA Pharma Nifedipine is an arterial and arteriolar vasodilator, blood pressure may be lowered, particularly in the hypertensive patient, and a compensatory increase in heart rate may occur. Thus, blood pressure and heart rate should be monitored carefully during nifedipine therapy. Close observation is especially recommended for patients already taking medications that are known to lower blood pressure. (See Warnings.)
Peripheral edema: Mild to moderate peripheral edema, typically associated with arterial vasodilation and not due to left ventricular dysfunction, has been reported to occur in patients treated with nifedipine. (See Adverse Reactions.) This edema occurs primarily in the lower extremities and usually responds to diuretic therapy. With patients whose angina is complicated by congestive heart failure, care should be taken to differentiate this peripheral edema from the effects of increasing left ventricular dysfunction.
Nifedipine should be administered cautiously to elderly patients, especially to those with a history of hypotension or cerebral vascular insufficiency.
The use of nifedipine in diabetic patients may require adjustment of their control.
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