Acarizax Use In Pregnancy & Lactation




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Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
Pregnancy: There is no data on the clinical experience for the use of ACARIZAX in pregnant women. Animal studies do not indicate increased risk to the foetus. Treatment with ACARIZAX should not be initiated during pregnancy. If pregnancy occurs during treatment, the treatment may continue after evaluation of the general condition (including lung function) of the patient and reactions to previous administration of ACARIZAX. In patients with pre-existing asthma close supervision during pregnancy is recommended.
Lactation: No clinical data are available for the use of ACARIZAX during lactation.
No effects on the breastfed infants are anticipated.
Fertility: There is no clinical data with respect to fertility for the use of ACARIZAX.
In a repeat dose toxicity study in mice no effects were observed in the reproductive organs of both genders.
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