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Side Effects
Actrapid may cause hypoglycaemia.
Side effects reported uncommonly (<1 in 100): When first starting insulin treatment, visual disturbances may occur but the reaction usually disappears.
Frequent injection at the same site may result in lumps developing underneath. In addition, pain and bruising may be experienced at the injection site. This is prevented by choosing different injection sites each time within the same region.
Local allergic reactions (redness, swelling, itching) may occur. These reactions usually disappear after a few weeks of continued insulin use. If they do not disappear, consult the doctor. If signs of allergy spread to other parts of the body or if the patient suddenly feels unwell (sweating; vomiting; difficulties in breathing; rapid heart beat; dizziness; feel like fainting), seek medical advice immediately as it may be due to a very rare serious systemic allergic reaction.
Painful neuropathy (burning, tingling or electric pain) may occur if the blood glucose levels improve very fast. It usually disappears otherwise, consult the doctor.
Side effects reported very rarely (<1 in 10,000): When starting insulin, water retention may cause swelling around the ankles and other joints but this soon disappears.
If the patient has diabetic retinopathy and the blood glucose levels improve very fast, the retinopathy may get worse. Consult the doctor about this.
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