Alendronic acid + Colecalciferol

Generic Medicine Info
Indications and Dosage
Increase bone mass in men with osteoporosis, Postmenopausal osteoporosis
Adult: Each tab contains alendronate 70 mg and colecalciferol 2800 IU or 5600 IU: 1 tab once weekly.
Elderly: No dosage adjustment needed.
Renal Impairment
Mild to moderate: No dosage adjustment needed.
Hepatic Impairment
No dosage adjustment needed.
Hypersensitivity to other bisphosphonates and vit D derivatives. Hypocalcaemia; abnormalities of oesophagus (e.g. archalasia or stricture); inability to stand or sit upright for at least 30 min.
Special Precautions
Patient w/ underlying upper GI disease. Correct vit D deficiency and hypocalcaemia prior to therapy. May exacerbate hypercalciuria and hypercalcaemia in patients w/ diseases associated w/ unregulated production of calcitriol (e.g. leukaemia, lymphoma, sarcoidosis). Hepatic and severe renal impairment. Pregnancy and lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Abdominal pain, dyspepsia, oesophageal ulcer, dysphagia, abdominal distension and acid regurgitation; diaphyseal and subtrochanteric femur fracture; severe muscle, bone and joint pain; upper GI mucosa irritation; osteonecrosis of the jaw; oesophageal cancer; headache, dizziness, vertigo, alopecia, pruritus, asthenia, peripheral oedema.
Alendronate: Symptoms: Heartburn, gastritis, ulcer, upset stomach and oesophagitis, hypocalcaemia, hypophosphataemia. Management: Administer antacids or milk.
Drug Interactions
NSAIDs may increase risk GI ulceration and nephrotoxicity of alendronate. Antacids and Ca salts may decrease serum concentration of alendronate. Mineral oil, orlistat, cholestyramine and colestipol may impair vit D absorption. Anticonvulsants, cimetidine and thiazide diuretics may increase vit D catabolism.
Food Interaction
Food, mineral water, coffee, tea and juice interfere w/ absorption of alendronate.
Mechanism of Action: Alendronate Na is a synthetic bisphosphonate which inhibits osteoclast-mediated bone resorption that leads to an indirect elevation in bone mineral density. Colecalciferol is produced in the skin by converting 7-dehydrocholesterol to split (seco) sterol previt D3 and subsequently colecalciferol (vit D3) via UV light which is an essential dietary nutrient when adequate sunlight exposure is not present. Vitamin D3 is the natural precursor of Ca-mobilising hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (calcitriol). Calcitriol increases intestinal absorption of both Ca and phosphate as well as regulate serum Ca, renal Ca and phosphate excretion, bone formation and bone resorption.
Absorption: Alendronate: Poorly absorbed and absorption is reduced by food. Bioavailability: Approx 0.4%.
Distribution: Alendronate: Volume of distribution: 28 L (exclusively on bones). Plasma protein binding: Approx 78%. Colecalciferol: Distributed primarily in the liver. Plasma protein binding: Binds extensively to vit D-binding protein.
Metabolism: Colecalciferol: Primarily hepatic and renal hydroxylation; minimal glucuronidation.
Excretion: Alendronate: Via urine; faeces (as unchanged drug). Elimination half-life: >10 yr. Colecalciferol: Via urine (2.4%) and faeces (4.9%) both as metabolites. Half-life: 14 hr.
Store between 20-25°C.
MIMS Class
Agents Affecting Bone Metabolism
ATC Classification
A11CC55 - colecalciferol, combinations ; Belongs to the class of vitamin D and analogues. Used as dietary supplements.
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