Allergocrom Dosage/Direction for Use

cromoglicic acid




Full Prescribing Info
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult and children: Instill 1 drop 4 times daily into the conjunctival sac.
Instructions for Use: Unscrew the cap covering the nozzle, with a finger retract the lower eyelid until the inner red, moist surface is exposed. Tilt the head back, invert the bottle and gently squeeze out the prescribed number of drops onto the exposed surface of the lower lid avoiding any contact of the bottle with eye or skin. The exact duration of Allergocrom therapy should be based on the physician's judgement. The treatment with Allergocrom should not be stopped after symptoms improve. Rather, its use should be continued until the patient is no longer in contact with the allergen (pollen, house dust, mold).
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