Apo-Carbamazepine Dosage/Direction for Use





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Dosage/Direction for Use
Epilepsy: A low initial daily dosage with a gradual increase in dosage is advised. Adjust dosage to the needs of the individual patient.
Initially, adults: 100 to 200mg once or twice a day depending upon the severity of the case and previous therapeutic history. The initial dosage is progressively increased until the best response is obtained, up to a maximum of 600mg daily. The usual optimal dosage is 600mg daily, but occasionally dosages up to 800 to 1000mg have been used for short periods. As soon as seizures disappear, reduce dosage very gradually until a minimum effective dose is reached.
Trigeminal Neuralgia: The initial daily dosage should be small 200mg, taken in two doses of 100mg each, is recommended. The total daily dosage can be increased by 200mg per day until relief of pain is obtained. This is usually achieved at a dosage between 200 and 800mg daily; occasionally up to 1200mg per day may be necessary. As soon as relief of pain has been obtained and maintained, attempt a progressive reduction in dosage until a minimum effective dosage is reached. Because trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by periods of remission, reduce or discontinue the use of carbamazepine at intervals of not more than 3 months depending upon the individual clinical course.
Prophylactic use of the drug in trigeminal neuralgia is not recommended. Administer carbamazepine in 2 or 3 divided doses daily, with meals whenever possible.
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