Apo-Enalapril Indications/Uses





Full Prescribing Info
APO-ENALAPRIL (enalapril maleate) is indicated in the treatment of essential or renovascular hypertension. It is usually administered in association with other drugs, particularly thiazide diuretics.
In using APO-ENALAPRIL consideration should be given to the risk of angioedema (See Warnings).
APO-ENALAPRIL should normally be used in those patients in whom treatment with diuretic or beta blocker was found ineffective or has been associated with unacceptable adverse effects.
APO-ENALAPRIL can also be tried as an initial agent in those patient in whom use of diuretics or beta blockers is contraindicated or in patients with medical conditions in which these drug, frequently cause serious adverse effects.
APO-ENALAPRIL is indicated in the treatment of congestive heart failure as adjunctive therapy in patients who have not responded adequately to digitalis and diuretics. Treatment with APO-ENALAPRIL should be initiated under close medical supervision, usually in a hospital.
When used in pregnancy during the second and third trimesters, ACE inhibitors can cause injury or even death to the developing foetus. When pregnancy is detected, APO-ENALAPRIL should be discontinued as soon as possible (see Use in Pregnancy under WARNINGS and Information for Patients under PRECAUTIONS).
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