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Dosage/Direction for Use
Note: When titration is to be undertaken using the tablet formulation it will be necessary to split the 1 mg tablet to obtain the 0.5 mg starting dose.
It is recommended that the starting dose of 0.5 mg be given with food preferable with the evening meal, at least 2 or 3 hours before retiring. The dose should be built up gradually with 0.5 mg being given b.i.d. or t.i.d. for at least 3 days. Unless adverse effects occur and subject to the blood pressure lowering effect, this dose should be increased to 1 mg given b.i.d. to t.i.d for at least a further 3 days.
Thereafter, as determined by the patient's response to the blood pressure lowering effect, the dose should be increased gradually. Response to prazosin is usually seen within 1 to 14 days if it is to occur at any particular dose. When a response is seen, therapy should be continued at that dose until the degree or response has reached the optimum before the next dose increment is added. Incremental increases should be continued until a desired effect is achieved or a maximum daily dose of 20 mg is reached. The maintenance dose or prazosin may be given as a twice daily dosage regimen.
In patients with moderate to severe grades of renal impairment, it is recommended that therapy be initiated at 0.5 mg daily and that dose increases be instituted gradually.
Use With Other Drugs: Patients receiving Diuretic Therapy: The diuretic should be reduced to a maintenance dose level for the particular agent and prazosin initiated at 0.5 mg b.i.d. or t.i.d.
After the initial period of observation, the dose of prazosin should be gradually increased as determined by the patient's response.
Patients receiving Other Antihypertensive Agents: Because some additive effect is anticipated, the other agent (e.g. pro­pranolol or other beta-adrenergic blocking agents, alpha-methyldopa, reserpine, clonidine. etc.) should be reduced and prazosin initiated at 0.5 mg b.i.d. or t.i.d. Subsequent dosage increase should be made depending upon the patient's response.
Appropriate precautions should be observed when the dosage of these other antihypertensive agents is reduced.
Patients on Apo-Prazo to whom Other Antihypertensive Agents are Added: When adding a diuretic or other antihypertensive agent, the dose of prazosin should be reduced to 1 or 2 mg b.i.d. or t.i.d. and retitration then carried out.
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